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Benefits at Gyanshree

Gyanshree Provides

  • Highly renowned, experienced and dedicated faculty.
  • Extensive research-based study material.
  • Library: The library at Gyanshree is a treasure trove of knowledge, which houses a vast and comprehensive collection of books in all the respective and relevant subjects. The books are made available as and when required by the student, as per the rules and regulations of
  • Individual attention through tutorial classes with regular practice sessions.
  • Doubt clearance cell to clarify doubts of students. "One more step towards excellence". In our constant endeavour to provide the best for our students, we have taken one more step towards excellence by setting up the "Doubt Clearing Cell". The Doubt Clearing Cell is the one stop solution to all the queries of students preparing for IIT-JEE, DCE as well as Board related topics. The teachers are available throughout the day to clear any doubts of students on all working days.
  • All India Common Periodic Test among all Narayana Centres with feedback through micro and macro-level analyses.
  • Common Practice Test (CPT) : It is a weekly test conducted all over India among Narayana students. It gives our students unique opportunity to perform weekly and see their rank potential among the real IIT-JEE aspirants. It is the life line of every programme offered by Narayana. Besides keeping the students competetive and motivated, it helps them to realise their full potential. After taking several CPTs our students become so confident and prepared that even the IIT-JEE paper becomes easier for them.
  • Board Understanding Evaluation Paper (BUEP): This is a testing technique through which the knowledge of the students will be tested pertaining to the topics taught up to CBSE level, so that they can produce extra-ordinary results in the Board exams as well.
  • Frequent parent-teacher meetings for effective feedback.

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